Hong Kong Notary Services

Hong Kong Notary Services

Since 1988 David Ravenscroft has been offering Hong Kong notary services.

A Variety Of Hong Kong Notarial Services

What Is A Notary Public?

A notary public (sometimes referred to as simply a notary) is an individual public officer authorized to witness signatures, administer oaths and conduct other similar actions.  In Hong Kong almost all notarys are solicitors. A notary is recognized internationally and nearly all the actions conducted by a notary are required for use in a foreign jurisdiction. Unlike a solicitor a notary does not give legal advice when acting in his official capacity.

Proof Of Identity

Before notarising a signature a notary must obtain satisfactory evidence of the identity of the signatory or deponent. He must also satisfy himself that the signatory understands the document he is signing. He will have to actually see the signatory sign the document.

Notarial Acts On Behalf Of Corporations

Corporations frequently need to have documents executed in the presence of a notary in which case the notary will have to satisfy himself as to the identity of both the company and the officer executing the document on its behalf. The notary at his discretion may need to see the original company documents, copies of filings at the Companys Registry or make other enquires. In the case of filings at the companies Registry he will have to conduct the search himself.


Sometimes the foreign jurisdiction additionally requires that the document be apostilled. This is a procedure whereby the Hong Kong Court verifies the signature of the notary. We can arrange for this to be done. The court usually requires two clear days to apostille a notary’s signature.

Documents Requiring Notarization

A  large variety of documents for both private and public use require the signatures on them to be notarized and when executing a document for a foreign jurisdiction it is sensible to enquire in advance whether notarization or apostilling is required. It is also desirable to provide us with a copy of the document in advance so we can  check what proofs may be required.

Sometimes it is necessary for a notary to go further than merely witnessing  a signature, for example he may be required to certify that a document is a true copy, that a document has been filed in the Companies Registry or that a certain state of affairs exists in relation to the document . This a notary can do after making enquires and duly satisfying himself as to the true position.

Hong Kong is an international city and has dealings with counties in all the world’s continents. Please do not hesitate to contact us on the requirements and necessities in this area or for our notary to notarize your documents.

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