What is mediation?

Mediation is a structured process whereby those involved in a dispute seek to resolve it with the assistance of a neutral third party. Mediation may be conducted before or during the the litigation process. It is voluntary, confidential and non-binding until an agreement is reached, written down and signed. It may be conducted with or without lawyers.

Why should I mediate?

Mediation avoids the pain and stress of litigation and arbitration. It can resolve a dispute more quickly and less expensively. Parties remain in control and cannot be compelled to settle if they are unable to reach terms of settlement that are acceptable to them. However, mediation has a very high success rate and parties usually reach at least acceptable terms. Not infrequently, such terms are ones that a court could not order.

How may I appoint David Ravenscroft to mediate a dispute I am party to?

David Ravenscroft is a member of the CEDR Asia Pacific Practice Group which administers all his mediation appointments. You may either contact David direct at 2388 3899 or dr@drlawyers.com.hk or contact CEDR at 2869 1816 or info@cedr.com.hk.