Criminal Law Experience in Hong Kong Courts

We have never overlooked this area of practice and have acted in all the courts of Hong Kong in such cases. We conduct cases ourselves or with counsel in the Magistrates Courts and the District Courts, and instruct counsel in higher Courts.

We are able to attend upon arrested persons at short notice when this is required and can advise them of their rights when the authorities wish to question or detain them.

Conducting Appeals

We have experience in pursuing appeals against conviction and sentence. We have acted in successful appeals against convictions to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Final Appeal. One such succesful application to the Court of Final Appeal was HKSAR v. Mohammad Mahabobur Rahman (FACC No. 9 of 2009) and involved an application for leave to produce evidence which was not available at the time of trial. Another such application was HKSAR v. Ferosh (FACC No. 2 of 2014) which turned on the insufficiency of evidence where there was more than one explanation for the Appellant’s conduct.