Hong Kong Civil Court Experience

Throughout 25 years of practice, we have acted for litigants in all the Courts of Hong Kong.

We represent corporations as well as individuals in a broad spectrum of contentious matters ranging from commercial disputes, company liquidation, debt collection, enforcement of foreign judgements, intellectual property rights and building management issues. We have also acted when dissipation of assets is a danger necessitating an urgent application for a mareva injunction.

We Represent Local and Overseas Clients

We have experience representing Hong Kong-based and overseas-based companies and individuals in all types of monetary and equitable claims. We acknowledge the concern that overseas claimants have in enforcing their rights in jurisdictions that are far away. We endeavour to act quickly and to keep clients fully and regularly informed of the progress of their cases.

We have substantial experience in applying for injunctions in respect of internet frauds where money has been deposited in Hong Kong bank accounts (Norwich Pharmacal and Bankers Trust orders).

We have acted in litigation where the Warsaw Convention and Hague Convention applied, and have enforced foreign judgments in Hong Kong.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We are aware that clients wish to avoid getting bogged down in lengthy and expensive litigation. We always bear in mind that there are occasions where a form of alternative dispute resolution is the best way to resolve a conflict to the advantage of the party.