Damages For Personal Injuries

Compensation and Damages for Personal Injuries

Persons who are injured at work are entitled to receive compensation for both the injuries incurred and the resulting loss of income.

Applications For Injunctions

Applications for Injunctions

In cases where there is a real risk that assets will be dissipated to avoid a claim the Hong Kong Court has power to grant injunctions.

Establishing A Business In Hong Kong

Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a good place to do business and we can help you establish your business in here. We can assist with company incorporation, taxation and employment visas.

Hong Kong Notary Services

Hong Kong Notary Services

David Ravenscoft & Co provide notary services for use around the world to witness signatures, administer oaths, and for use in a foreign jurisdiction. In Hong Kong almost all notarys are solicitors.

New Website For Our Firm

Website for our firm by Outcome Marketing

We’re happy to launch our new website, which will make it easier for us to offer you up to date information on legal issues in Hong Kong.

Mediation Options Which Add Value

Mediation Options for Dispute Resolutions

Adding a “brainstorming” element to mediation and negotiation can discover alternative options that may lead to settlement, lower costs and avoid waste.

Mediation And Civil Justice Reform

Mediation and Civil Justice Reform

An article by David Ravenscroft, Hong Kong Lawyer, on the Civil Justice Reforms in Hong Kong in 2009. David comments that the scheme and underlying objectives of the rules in both the District Court and the High Court are an entirely new concept.